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My thoughts on antm 21 contestants

Adam - douche
Ben - seems ok, but a wannabe douche
Denzel - mighty fine, but I’m done with him
Keith - hate the alpha male thing, but I think he will go far
Matthew - do I remember him?
Romeo - Eugh such a dough and annoys me with his ego
Will - you better work bitch

Chantelle - love, but I already know your going to be edited to filth
Ivy -seems sweet
Kari - think she will leave mid way, but seems alright
Lenox - love
Mirjana - love her more
Raela - seems nice but can’t see her lasting long
Shei - favourite, but not sure how long she will last

I think that Keith, Chantelle, Mirjana and Adam will be up there.

But who knows.

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